Jim Hurley SWC Promotions
 Jim Hurley

SWC is an acronym for South Wexford Coast. SWC Promotions is the brand name used for several different elements of the personal campaign conducted by naturalist Jim Hurley to promote the South Wexford Coast.

As a nature enthusiast who lives on the south coast of County Wexford and as one who continues to derive great pleasure and inspiration from his interaction with the natural world in that wonderful coastal amenity, his two objectives are to help publicise the natural heritage resource values of that outstanding natural asset and to campaign for their conservation.

With the support of others, especially his wife Rose, he tries to achieve these objectives and spread the word about the heritage value of the South Wexford Coast via talks, walks, presentations, articles, leaflets, reports and any other means that present an opportunity to him to advance his campaign.

Nature walkNature walk with Jim Hurley on the shore at Nemestown with St Patrick’s Bridge and the Saltee Islands in the background.